Instructions for Presenters


Oral Presentations - All talks should be in PowerPoint format. Talks should be 10-12 minutes in length, leaving 3-5 minutes for questions and discussion. Technicians will be available in the room to assist you. In reviewing your presentation prior to your session, make sure all fonts, images, and animations appear as expected and that all audio or video clips are working properly.

• ALL Presenters will use one common laptop that will accommodate presentations made on both PC’s and Mac’s. All presentations will run from the AV tech table at the back of the meeting room.

• You will not be able to use your own laptop at the podium. There will be no exceptions.

• The AV team will have a common MacBook Pro available to run Keynote presentations. But to reiterate, to prevent AV problems and delays, use of personal computers at the podium will not be allowed.

• Please bring your presentation on USB drive to the tech table well in advance of your scheduled session. We request early the morning of your talk or the break before your talk.

• If you have video clips in your presentation, please be sure to video clip is also loaded on the USB drive.

• Slide format is 16:9

Posters - The poster boards are 48 inches wide and 36 inches in height.

Unknowns - For this year’s Workshop,

1. Limit Unknown case submission to 1 per person (just like the abstracts, present your best unknown - preferably distinctive patterns of malformation, not non-dysmorphic children with ID/autism);

2. The presentation should be concise with succinct text slide (only 1) with the best images- totaling 4 slides max;

3. Limit the presentation to 3 minutes in order to foster discussion;

4. All cases must be submitted by no later than August 9, giving the moderators (Marilyn Jones and Mike Innes) an opportunity to look at them ahead of time and choose the most interesting and challenging for presentation. Some cases may not be chosen for presentation.

The Unknown case submission should include name of the presenter, a brief case description, and photos or other images –all on a 1-page attachment.

Send Unknown case to In the Subject line put UNKNOWN SESSION. If WES has been done and the relevance of a specific variant is in question - please complete ppt slide in advance. We can do some background work on the gene and variant prior to the meeting to help with that part.